• What is Wu Mei Pai?
• Health & Longevity
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• Self Realization
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Health and Longevity

Health is the first concern of martial art. We think of martial art as being about fighting, and it is, but most of us spend very little time fighting off human attackers—we spend a great deal of time fighting off illness, injury, accident, and most of all, the natural aging process that inevitably robs us of capability. This is why, in Chinese culture, one of the hallmarks of a complete and effective martial art is that its practitioners tend to live long, healthy lives.

Wu Mei Pai is a comprehensive health practice. It addresses all the issues of muscular strength and flexibility, joint health and movement range, bone density, cardiovascular health, postural alignment, balance, coordination, etc., that are recognized as the components of fitness training in the West. It also addresses the circulation of energy through the organ channels and special channels of the meridian system, the opening of the body’s energy gates, the cultivation of the three treasures of jing (essence), qi (energy), and shen (spirit), the relationship between yi (intention), qi (breath), and li (force), the cultivation of the jin (connective tissues)…these are the components of longevity training developed through more than four thousand years of Chinese medical theory and practice.