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A note about spelling:

There is no spelling in Chinese; every word is represented by a unique character. Over the years, a number of systems have been developed to spell, or “romanize”, Chinese words. The Chinese have adopted a system called “pinyin” as the official system of romanization, and gradually, all of us in the West who spell out Chinese words are converting to it. Eventually, this will standardize the romanization of Chinese so that we all know what we’re trying to say. Unfortunately, the job is made more complicated by the fact that Pinyin works best for Mandarin, the official dialect of spoken Chinese, and not so well for Cantonese, the dialect of Guangdong (Gwongdung), Hong Kong (Heunggong), and many emigrant communities like New York’s Chinatown, as well as of southern styles of gungfu like Wu Mei Pai (Ng Mui Pai).

On this website, I use pinyin to romanize words of Mandarin (gongfu), Yale system in italics for words of Cantonese (gungfu), and I occasionally include an older system in brackets so that people using those well-known spellings can find my site [kung fu].